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How To Win Freecell Game Online

Solitaire game are now too typical with every people, especially officer. Many find Freecell is the most exciting solitaire game ever. Playing freecell online now is chosen by most of the player. There are some troubles that they can meet like missing card, responding slowly, troubles with your browser, java, etc... or inexperience may make them very hard to win. How to solve these troubles and which are the tips to win the game? Having some tips to solve all the troubles while you are playing is not the point that all players have.
* The first thing you should remember before playing online is that deciding which browser you are using. The player may find it is very easy to play the latest version line Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari By using Google search, you can freely download a new Firefox which is chosen by most player.
* The second thing is that your Java system. In the past you could not play a game without the help of java version. But nowadays, as Firefox can run in any system so you should stop using Java.
* Repeatedly asked to login is the third trouble you meet. There are many website that have this. Why you can choose your site and try adjust it in your browser's preferences. Just by going to Tools --> Internet Options and then click the Security tab. Then simply add your site to your Trusted Sites list.
* Advertisement is the fourth trouble. You may feel annoyed when you always have some advertisements. You can get out of this problem by uninstall Flash since most ads on the Internet use it as a technology to deliver easier.
* Slow is another trouble that the regular player usually meet. There are two main kinds of slow: network delay or the game takes a while to respond to mouse/keyboard input or draw cards. If the server takes a little time to respond your requirement, simply checking the connection between your computer with the server on the 'net that's responsible. To solve this completely, finding about traceroute/tracert on the search engine. With the second kind, changing the smaller card images by using the Old cards if you are using Internet Explorer server. If you are using Firefox, it is simply download the new.
* While you are enjoying the game then you find that one or some of your cards have completely missed, it means that there is a little wedgie in your browser. You can simply makes the browser re-fetch everything and restore the missing card(s) just by holding down the Ctrl key and pressing F5, or clicking the Reload/Refresh icon up by your browser's address bar (also while holding down the Ctrl key).
* Open cells are the important key to win the game. You should be careful to not fill up your free cells.
* There is an interesting effect you should remember that is having an open column. This column allows the size of string that you can move from one column to the next. If free cell can store just single cards, the open column can store whole strings.
* Win freecell : If you always lose the game, why don't try this way it may help to improve your mental. Open Freecell, press F2 to start a new game, then press Ctrl Shift F10 to open the new window named User-Friendly User Interface. In this window, press About if you want to win the game, press Retry if you want to...lose, or press Ignore if you do not want to select. Then you will get the result as you wish after moving a card.
* With the game that you do not have any answer. Just open Freecell to open the game. In the window Game Number, insert -1 or -2 then press Ok. You will see the cards in the game number -1 and -2 are organized in certain order and these two game have no answer. You can not win except for … using the above way.
Those are all strategies that may help win or solve some troubles you have. [i]


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